I snapped a photo to show a friend this new cozy spot in my bedroom, a cozy nook that my husband and I are fighting over like kids battling over the front seat of the car. Like many other people, he recently started working from home during the quarantine. The other day he placed a misfit chair by our window and accidentally created a magical perch. It’s the perfect place to feel the sun and watch birds while pretending to manage a graphic design team (him) or write a new blog post (me). May the best wife or husband win.

After sending off the image to my friend I noticed that it did a pretty good job of summing up the key ingredients of my life right now.

The pill bottle: symptom management is an all day (and all night) affair. 

The flowers: soul food, see this post

The water bottle: never without it, I’m supposed to consume a few refills of that bottle each day as part of symptom management. I said good-bye to coffee over two years ago. The delicious smell of that forbidden treat still circulates daily due to the three coffee drinkers at our house. 

The book of Matthew: the volume open on the chair is the ESV Illuminated Gospel of Matthew, I bought it because it’s pretty and also to use along side this free Bible Study. While everything else feels unreliable and constantly shifting, it’s good to hold onto the reliable, unchanging anchor of the Word. I need to do it more.

Essential oils: Peppermint for headaches, indigestion and nausea. Lavender for its calming affect.

Window: a place to receive light, warmth, and watch Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch, a brown thrasher, a traveling rose-breasted grosbeak, and an influx of wild bunnies.

Not pictured, but still relevant to the daily routine: my phone and iPad (just being honest), my heating pad, my chapstick, and my whole family (we overlap each other’s space quite a bit at the moment).